Lynda Hudson
Specialist Children's Hypnotherapist
Hypnotherapy for Adults and Children

Diplomate Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis 
Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy  
Member of the British Psychological Society

Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine



Lynda, a former teacher, in practice with both adults and children since the early nineties, is probably best known for her pioneering hypnotherapy work with children. ‘Lynda is the acknowledged expert on the use of hypnotherapy for children’ says Peter Mabbutt, Director of Studies of the  London College of Clinical Hypnosis. Read more






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Breast cancer support thru chemo  


Stop biting your nails  


Confident public speaking  


Manage your diabetes  


Manage your weight  
  Get a good night's sleep  
  Stop Smoking  
  Feeling Low?  
  Purely Relaxation  
  Pre-surgery and healing  
  Learn Self hypnosis  
  Stress relief  
  Lose weight  
  Be assertive  
  Boost your confidence  
  Fly with confidence  
  Relieve anxiety  
  After trauma  
  Stop clenching your teeth  
  Relief from skin irritation  
  Manage your IBS  
  Manage your diabetes  
  Confident public speaking  

Relieve anxiety the mindfulness way

Peaceful sleep the mindfulness way
  Let go of obsessive thoughts the mindfulness way  
  Beat driving test nerves  
  Forgive yourself and let go of unhelpful guilt the mindfulness way  
   Feel Good  
  Instant De-Stress  
  Beat Stage Fright  
  Creativity Burst  
  Beat Driving Test Nerves  
  Fearless Public Speaking  
  Helping you to Lose Weight  
  Beat Fear of Flying  
  FREE Confidence mp3  

Breast cancer your support through chemotherapy


  Continuing her passion for the use of hypnotherapy to help support people cope with difficult, often seemingly intractable problems, we would like to introduce you to Lynda’s brand new title. It’s designed to help women facing chemotherapy as a treatment for breast cancer. It aims to help with both the emotional and physical side-effects of chemotherapy.  




One-to-One Hypnotherapy with Children & TeensChildren & Teens

Lynda regularly sees children for Help with Bedwetting, Confidence issues, Sleeping, Coping with Bullying, Childhood Fears, Phobias, Anxieties, Separation Anxiety, Exam Stress, Focus and Concentration, Tics, Anger and other Behaviour issues How does it work? What happens in a session? Read more

One-to-One Hypnotherapy for Adults

Lynda helps people deal with a wide range of issues using the state of gentle hypnotic relaxation which can be described as a pleasantly relaxed dream-like state. In this state you can tap into your creative self to discover solutions to problems and respond to positive suggestions jointly agreed in discussion with Lynda

It’s reassuring to know that, contrary to popular myth, hypnotherapy is not about controlling people! On the contrary, Lynda aims to help you take control of smoking, nail biting and other unwanted habits, anxiety, panic, obsessive thinking, emotional issues so you can live your life to the full and be free from fear.
How does it work? What are common and not-so-common problems?
Read more

Hypnotherapy CDs and MP3s Hypnotherapy CDs and MP3s

If you can’t come in person, you can choose from three main  ranges: one for Adults, another for Children and yet another with Shorter Tracks: Instant Hypnosis Help for people with not much time available .
Click on a particular title down the sides of the page for a full description.

Hypnotherapy CDs for Adults & Children

Buy Hypnosis MP3 downloads for Adults

Buy Hypnosis MP3 downloads for Children

Working with Children Workshops for Professionals

Lynda offers training for professionals in using hypnotherapy with children for a range of different issues Read more for details of Autumn Workshops

Hypnotherapists trained by Lynda in Working with Children

If you are unable to travel to Lynda in Beckenham, South East London, Zone Four, you can find contact details of hypnotherapists from different UK areas who have attended her training courses on Working with Children. You can also check out which particular training courses they have attended Read more

Popular Hypnotherapy Downloads and CDs


Let go of Anxiety

Let go of Anxiety



Revise & Remember

Revise & Remember



Control your bladder

Control your Bladder



Get a good night's sleep

Get a good night's sleep



Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking



Build your self esteem

Build your self esteem





Hypnotherapy Scripts for Professionals

Hypnotherapy Scripts for Professionals



  Cope with verbal bullying  
  Verbal bullying  
  Focus & Concentration  
  Build your self esteem  
   Prepare for your operation  
  I love school  
  I love going to the dentist  
  Stop sucking your thumb  
  Let go of Anxiety  
  Control your bladder  
  Let your worries fly away  



I'm dry at night

  Calm and relaxed at the dentist  
  Revise and remember  
  Boost your self esteem  
  Rest and sleep  
  Be confident Be brave Be strong  
  Overcome exam nerves  
  Calm & control vocal tics  
  Say goodbye to fussy eating  
  Manage your dyslexia  


Stop biting your nails  
  Tantrum Taming  
  Tame your temper  
  Tics: control sounds and movements  
  Anger management
Control your temper



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