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Something new! Individual scripts for sale! Scroll down to view

In answer to many requests I am now offering hypnotherapy scripts for sale. There will be scripts suitable for different age groups from young kids all the way up to adults. Sometimes it just happens that we don't need a whole book with a lot of topics...What we need is a single script on a very specific topic and we need it right now!

My books

By the way, I am not trying to talk you out of buying my books! They are available here and on Amazon. On Amazon they are available in hard copy and in ebook form

Back to the scripts!

We are starting with listing just a few scripts but this is an on-going project so I will be adding them on a regular basis. Those of you who already have my books can be sure that they are new scripts and not ones that already feature in my books. Some of them are based on the audios that are also for sale on the site so carry the same name even though they are not exactly identical in content

They have been written with notes to the therapist in the margin and may take the form of explanation, advice or clarification. People who have my book 'More Scripts and Strategies' (the mauve one for adults) will recognize the format

A variety of scripts

Please remember that some issues are quite complex so these scripts are not written with the idea that just one session will be a complete answer to the problem (although sometimes you may find that they are!). You will find a suggested age range for each script. These are a guide and are not written in stone … we all know that chronological age is not an absolute guide of maturity

Do you have specific needs or suggestions?

Please come back and check again if you are looking for something specific as I will be adding to these scripts regularly. Please contact me with any suggestions you might have if you don't find the topic you are looking for. I may be able to add the topic to my list of scripts to write


I will be posting on Facebook when I put up a new script so you can keep an eye on things here if you are a Facebook Fan.

Terms and Conditions

Purchase of a script will assume that you have read and accept the terms and conditions of use

How will I receive my script?

After payment your script will be sent automatically in PDF form. Please check your junk mail if you don't receive it within about fifteen minutes

If you are totally unable to find it, don't worry, please just let us know at and we will be pleased to help.

Anger Management
Suitable for Adults and Older Teenagers

Price £7.50Anger Management Script By Lynda Hudson

This is a useful script to help people understand their thoughts and feelings before aiming to make major changes in their responses

The script includes:

  • A short progressive relaxation induction
  • Controlled, calming breathing
  • Consideration of reasons for addressing the issue
  • Recognition of anger triggers, feelings and consequences of actions
  • Discover origins of anger and origins of the way they handle anger
  • Are they ‘exploders’ or ‘imploders’?
  • Learn breathing technique to let go of anger safely
  • Learn a safe containment of anger technique while at the same time
    not ‘bottling it up’ inside


Anger Management: Suggestions and Strategies for Change
Suitable for Adults and Older Teenagers

This script can stand alone but is best used as a follow up to theAnger Management Script By Lynda Hudson
Anger Management (above)

Having understood the origins of their anger it is time to make
some changes in behaviour

Price £7.50

The script includes:

  • A short progressive relaxation induction

  • Deepener and also breathing strategy for calming angry feelings.

  • The conscious mind asks the unconscious mind for help in devising acceptable and appropriate strategies to deal with anger

  • Direct and indirect suggestions to carry out these strategies

  • The unconscious mind starts an ongoing process of change

  • Guided visualisation of successful outcome



Preparation for Surgery

Suitable for Adults and Older Teenagers

Price £7.50

Preparation for Surgery Script By Lynda Hudson

This is a useful script to help people feel mentally and physically prepared for surgery

The script includes:

  • A calming and comforting relaxation induction

  • A deepener which allows for letting going of anxiety

  • Preparation of mind and body for the upcoming surgery so that neither is shocked by the incision and the procedure

  • Promotes understanding that the surgery is for the patient’s overall well-being

  • Direct suggestions for ignoring careless talk; remaining calm in the lead up to, during and after the operation; the body responding in the desired appropriate manner during the operation; healing and rapid recovery; an optimistic attitude and peaceful sleep

  • A metaphorical guided visualisation

  • The voice as an anchor for calm

Say Goodbye to Fussy Eating
Suitable for children approx. 5-8/9 years

Price £7.50
Say Goodbye to Fussy Eating Script By Lynda Hudson

This is a useful script to help children let go of old unhelpful eating habits and take on more positive ways of eating

The script includes:

  • A very brief relaxing induction followed by taking them into an imaginative
    visualisation of a trip to Disneyland or similar location
  • They visit the magical palace of dreams where they leave previous worries and anxieties about food behind
  • They then receive the ‘easy eating power from the magic beam
  • Direct suggestions for eating easily and taking charge of food rather than food being in charge of them
  • Guided visualisation of successful outcome with Mum and Dad being surprised and proud of their child’s new way of eating



Tame your Temper

Suitable for children approx. 6-9 years


Price £7.50


Tame your Temper script By Lynda Hudson 

This is a useful script to help children cope better with their angry
feelings and respond more calmly and in a more controlled way. It is
written in a non-judgemental way but doesn’t shy away from helping children in quite an open and practical way take charge of their temper

The script includes:

  • A short calming induction

  • An imaginative visualisation of going to a calming garden where they can think about their angry feelings

  • Through some fun sub modality changes which they make they begin to externalise their anger instead of bottling it up inside

  • They learn a colour breathing activity to relieve angry feelings and take charge of their temper

  • They learn how to put their feelings in a safe container outside themselves while they learn how to deal with things more appropriately

  • Then they learn from other children’s ideas of how to calm themselves including one of ‘taming the angry temper lion’

  • Guided visualisation of safe and successful outcome









Lynda Hudson

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